Mada Partners is a real estate solutions company that prides itself in helping homeowners, improving communities by investing in the people we serve and the areas we work in.



Mada Partners is a real estate solutions company that prides itself in helping homeowners, improving communities by investing in the people we serve and the areas we work in. Through our knowledge of the business, our network of resources and our expertise,

we are able to assist homeowners with a wide variety of real estate investments, helping our partners realize their dreams. We pride ourselves on our reputation for working one-on-one with customers to assist them in handling their particular goals.




Director of Acquisitions, Partner

Mathieu has been a serial entrepreneur since he was 16. He started his real estate investing journey in 2005 with his first purchase of a townhouse that needed a rehab. Since then, he has endeavoured to work on and transact several real estate deals.

With his experience, Mathieu has been able to identify and set up real estate deals with a focus on creating win-win situations for all by providing funding partners and all other parties involved in the deal with secure returns.



Managing Partner

David is a partner at a large Ottawa law firm.  He was called to the bar of Ontario in 2005, having graduated from law school in 2004.  His legal practice includes personal injury law, civil litigation, employment law and real estate.  David advocates tirelessly on his clients’ behalf to ensure they receive fair and just results.

Outside of his legal practice, David is actively engaged in real estate investing.  He began his investing career nearly ten years ago.  David enjoys getting out to see lots of different types of real estate opportunities.  In particular, he loves when he finds that “diamond-in-the-rough” property that he knows with a little elbow grease will create a beautiful home and investment.

When not practicing law or scoping out real estate opportunities, David enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, travelling, skiing, skating, running, swimming and golfing.



Managing Director, Partner

Daniela has purchased and sold a number of new builds, and has also had the opportunity to own and manage rental properties. While her educational background and area of expertise are not in real estate, her passion and years of experience in real estate have culminated in the inception of a successful company whose vision is not only to assist buyers and sellers with their specific and diverse needs, but also to build, develop and improve communities with a view to creating lasting relationships and making a difference in people’s lives.



Real Estate Advisor

Victor Menasce is an accomplished leader and investor with 30 years investment management experience. He is the author of The Great Canadian TakeOver. This seminal book on real estate investment is about “How Savvy Canadians are Profiting Wildly from the Meltdown in US Real Estate.” He has served in executive roles in both public and private companies in the high tech industry. Victor has vast international experience and has conducted business in over 15 countries. Victor is the principal strategist at US Real Estate Partners across several key markets.




Mateo has a passion for combining his entrepreneurial spirit and his love of real estate with modern technology. He moved to Canada at the age of 13 from a small South American country and graduated with honors from the Business Management and Entrepreneurship program at Algonquin College.

Currently, he adds tremendous value to our organization by implementing state-of-the-art technologies to bring Mada Partners and its subsidiaries into the forefront of the Canadian real estate investing industry. Mateo is constantly working hard to learn and grow and he has been instrumental in developing and scaling the FindYourStrategy brand. He continues to work tirelessly to help educate high income earners to harness the power of real estate.

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