This was a great project that proved to be the foundation of our future success in Saint John. Our leadership team delivered the project 14 days behind schedule and $7,000 over budget. Let me guess, never be that honest especially on the internet right! Let us share with you briefly, the journey, and why we count this project a success. 

The demolition went smoothly and it was clear we had a great structure to work with. The exterior had already the work completed so it was minor roof repair and we were 100% weather tight.  With all new electrical and plumbing services the bones were ready for the next generation of use. We arranged the floor plan to add more function on both floors and the prep work and insulation began. Both entrances required spray foam as the strategy employed in the rest of the building that furred out the walls to 5.5″ to allow for R22 batts wouldn’t have allowed for any functionality for the entrances. This set is back a few denari. The drywall through priming went fairly seamless thanks to our contractors and we made up a few days on the schedule. 

It really started to have a wow factor when the kitchen and bathrooms took shape. It became clear that new floors were needed and without them, we wouldn’t have had the finished look and feel we were looking for. This was the second item that really challenged our budget and again the team pulled together and we ended up with beautiful floors. 

All-in-all, the project was a success. The items that took us over budget were worth the investment. As we welcome the families into their newly renovated spaces, it’s our pleasure to welcome them home and to the Mada Family. 


Mathieu Laquerre

Mada Partners